In The Beginning……………

Naioth Baptist ChurchNaioth┬áBaptist Church is two months old at the time of this post and in this short space of time, we’ve seen God do miraculous things. We’ve lead over 30 people to Christ, baptised over 10 Christians, helped to heal relationships and

become a focal point for biblical truth in London. We’ve done this all within the confines of my 1 bedroom house.

Before I stepped out in faith to start NBC, I had been discouraged several times in the past from starting a church in my house. “I need to find a community centre” “People won’t come” said the naysayers. All this was said despite the fact that the New Testament on 4 different occasions spoke of churches meeting in houses. Starting in my house made logical sense to me as it would be cost effective in the beginning amongst other benefits. The goal is to eventually find a hall or a community centre, but only when necessary.

As I write this entry, we’ve just had our biggest attendance on Sunday, with 2 first time visitors also joining us. This is a testament to the greatness of God who blesses those who step out in faith. I encourage any would-be church planters to start the same way I did. It’s a test of faith and no doubt we have many challenges ahead, but the blessing of seeing God do mighty things and build his church is unmatched.

God bless

Pastor Salaam

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